why we are different

A unique approach to private equity

The core tenets of our investment approach are to enrich all stakeholders of the company through aggressive growth and align the incentives of all parties. In honoring those constituents, Shoreline has pledged to allocate a meaningful portion of its profits to philanthropic causes within our surrounding communities.

Total Stakeholder Model

Shoreline’s purpose-driven mandate dictates a broader definition of success. While we are relentless in pursuing unmatched returns for our shareholders, our measure of success extends beyond investment returns and includes a broader stakeholder model that considers portfolio company employees and the surrounding communities. Our view is that honoring these important constituents in all decisions ensures sustainable success. To that end, a meaningful portion of the firm’s profit is dedicated to regional philanthropy and funding important causes throughout the Southeastern United States.

Incentive Alignment

Shoreline believes it offers a best-in-class incentive pool for our management teams and any rollover or management investment will typically be in the same securities and at the same terms as Shoreline ensuring maximum incentive alignment with our teams.


Shoreline focuses on growing our portfolio companies through investments in new products or services, new market expansion, and/or add-on acquisitions, among other opportunities. Our growth orientation allows us to focus on creating bigger, better businesses and we seek to avoid significant financial engineering and cost cutting as ways to generate our returns. Shoreline utilizes prudent leverage to ensure our companies have a strong balance sheet to execute on our growth plans and weather economic cycles.