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Not Your Typical Private Equity Firm

Shoreline professionals follow a total stakeholder model, meaning success should be a “win-win” proposition for shareholders, employees, customers, vendors, and the communities within which our companies operate. At Shoreline, we believe in honesty, incentive alignment, and creating bigger, better businesses without relying on financial engineering or cost cutting to generate our returns. Our relentless focus on growth and what we believe to be a best-in-class incentive equity pool for management has proven to be a strong recipe for success for both Shoreline and our partners. We pride ourselves on “winning” the right way.


What Founders and Executives Say About Us

“Shoreline is really there to help you. They’re not there to challenge the person, they’re there to challenge thinking and to find the best path forward.”

Fred LeFranc
CEO, Results Thru Strategy
What Founders and Executives Say About Us

“It wasn’t about winning and losing for them, it was about how do we make the business better.”

David Mast
CEO, Precision Aviation Group
What Founders and Executives Say About Us

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with 5 different private equity groups and Shoreline has been by far the group that I enjoyed working with the most. They’re always available. They will collaborate. They’ll work hand in hand with you.”

Tom York
CEO, Pave America
What Founders and Executives Say About Us

“It’s a friend, family business mentality and that works with us. It works with companies like us.”

Peter Politis
Founder and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Greens
What Founders and Executives Say About Us

“Shoreline wants to support your vision for the business, they want to buy into your vision for the business and they want to see the business grow.”

Al Jurgela
Former CEO, Environmental Express

Ideal Partner for Founder-Owned Businesses

Our focus is on helping founder-owned businesses accelerate growth while protecting the legacy and employees of the company.

Long History of Partnering with Leading Management Teams

We take a highly collaborative approach to our partnerships and maintain close relationships with our executives well beyond our investment period.
Our Investments

Close, Consultative Relationship with Intermediaries

We pride ourselves on being forthright and will provide quick and thoughtful feedback. In the event a business is not a fit, we will strive to utilize our network to find partners that may be better suited for the opportunity. As a result, we have become a trusted resource and maintain an active dialogue with many intermediaries.

Down-to-Earth and Transparent Approach

Our style is to be straightforward, pragmatic, and transparent in all endeavors. We communicate honestly and openly with management and focus on finding ways to be a value-added resource.