About Shoreline

We are a lower middle market private equity firm focused on actively partnering with leading management teams. Our goal is to implement collaborative solutions with portfolio company executives to drive growth and optimize operations. We have committed capital and are actively seeking new portfolio investment opportunities.

We Are Shoreline Southeast-Based Purpose Driven Ideal Partners

Ideal Partner for Management, Legacy-Focused Sellers, and Intermediaries

  • Our model considers a broader set of stakeholders in our decisions
  • We pride ourselves on being down-to-earth and transparent
  • Our team is accountable for collective success with management
  • We offer leading management incentive packages to ensure our success is shared
  • Purpose-driven model with meaningful portion of profit contributed to philanthropy

Headquartered in the Southeastern United States

  • Shoreline is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida
  • We have a particular interest in developing close partnerships with companies, intermediaries, executives, and other professionals in the Southeastern United States
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